Hi Society!

As I mentioned in The Genesis, I’m a planet lover. I sometimes get overwhelmed watching the news and witnessing where consumerism and the economy is leading us, endangering us in the process. It would be easy to pretend it’s not all that bad and crawl under a rock simply because I can’t possibly save the world all by myself. Or can I? It might be a little presumptuous but I truly believe that every little bit counts. There are many actions we can take to help save our planet. You might have noticed the double-entendre in the title of this page. Saving some green usually refers to money. Here I also talk about saving nature. How amazing is it that by saving nature we often end up saving some cash too? Who wouldn’t want to be green and full of greens (money)? In this section, I intend to share tips that are wallet and nature friendly. People drive change. We might end up rallying enough people to get the revolution needed by teaching from example.