Hi Society!

Here’s the message I got after reading my fortune cookie last week:

Do not rush through life,

pause and enjoy it.

I thought it was very appropriate as I’d been consciously slowing down in different aspects of my life. The most obvious sign is that I’ve literally slowed down my pace. I used to powerwalk everywhere, trying to squeeze a few minutes out of everything in my life. Looking back, I’m not really sure if that practice brought anything other than blisters and sweat. For the last several weeks, I’ve been leisurely walking to work while listening to podcasts, carefully embracing nature and my thoughts. It’s been refreshing and soothing. I think I might be adding only a handful of minutes to my regular walking commute and it really doesn’t matter to me. I prep for work mentally, while getting there. No need to spend extra time at work.

I think I can attribute my physical slowing down to my cerebral trigger: The Slow Home podcast. I just love these Australians! The interviews that take place on that podcast are intertwined with my journey in many ways. I usually find that talking helps me figure things out more easily and I find that with this podcast, I get the same liberating effect simply by listening to others’ journey. I highly recommand it.

To get back to my fortune, I no longer physically rush through life. I’m also actively working on removing the rest of the rush people usually add to their life. I try to steer clear from multitasking unless it couples a physical activity (walking, cleaning, eating breakfast) to a knowledge increasing activity (listening to a podcast or a periscope). If I’m waiting somewhere for something (a line at the grocery store), I just pause and enjoy that wait. I think of all the things I’m grateful for, what I no longer take for granted, I see what’s there to see.

I touched on simplifying life in another post of mine, and I’m still working on that. I’m known for saying yes to too many opportunities and I now have to revisit the ones I have (over)committed to and only keep the ones that matter to me now and likely still will in the future. It’s hard because I have the fear of disappointing others. I hate that feeling. But I have to remember that I have to live for ME. In 5 years from now, I doubt my current problems will still affect me. For example, I haven’t been blogging as much as in the beginning, a mere two months ago or so. I’m fairly confident it’s not going to upset too many people. We all have lives. I simply forget about bloggers from whom I don’t receive regular updates; I don’t (usually) miss them. Thank you for understanding 😉

On that note, it’s time for me to get back to reality: my house needs a bit of TLC before I slowly walk to work as I purposely set house chores aside this weekend to enjoy that life I’m writing about.

Have an enjoyable day!