Hi Society!

Last week I mentioned briefly that I was making chicken pot pies using the vegetables from my garden. I said I was going to make them without shells or pans because it was going to save some green. Here’s a bit more about hand pies.

I feel a little silly because I actually didn’t know making pies without something to bake them in was a thing. The thought just never occurred to me. My mom always used aluminium pie shells. It’s only when I ran out of small shells and was preparing to make a huge amount of pies that I realized that maybe something could be done differently. Here’s the thing about freestyle hand pies: they’re awesome! You can make them the exact size you want, the shape you want, you don’t have to get pay for resources that you’ll need to store somewhere or trash, and the best of all: not as many dishes (that is, if you were going to reuse or recycle that shell or pan).

The keys to success are:

  • keep the dough thick enough so that your creation doesn’t fall apart;
  • seal your pie properly using a fork, liquid, etc.; and
  • bake at a lower temperature for longer.

I made my chicken pot pies in half-moon shape (calzone style) and it turned out really well. I’m looking forward to try this again soon with some peach pies, using my home-canned peach pie filling that looks so delicious in the basement!

Happy baking!