Hi Society!

I just wanted to let you in on a little something I was thinking about: fascination! I went to Greece earlier this year and contemplated quite a few temples. I like history and knew a bit about what I was seeing. Despite my greatest efforts I couldn’t help but think of the historical ruins as… piles of rocks. I know. I’m terrible. At least, that’s what my husband says. He was very interested in them and not impressed with me. Oops.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be outside at the right time to witness the Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. I’m 100% sure I once again offended someone by not remembering the proper name of what I saw (remember, I’m a French Canadian). It was cool to look at the moon, but again to me it wasn’t a huge deal, even  though we won’t see something similar for another decade and a half.

I’m I incapable of fascination? I didn’t have to dwell on that for long. This morning I remembered I was able to be mesmerized when I came across this guy:

funny carrotHow cool is that? This I find impressive! I can spend hours looking at plants when I go for walks in the woods or when I garden. I’m especially impressed at how nature adapts to what is thrown at her.

Anyways, I should get back to cooking my millions of chicken pot pies which are using parts of my potato, celery and carrot harvests 🙂 I’m making freestyle hand pies because I don’t want to use pie shells to reduce waste. Once again, saving some green!

Have a fascinating day!