Hi Society!

Without counting The Genesis, this should have been my first post. If you’ve read my introductory post, you know that this blog was a friendly suggestion. Baking Soda was supposed to be a big part of it, where I would share all the things you can do with baking soda. I feel there are already so many great lists out there on the Internet; I don’t think this is the way I should approach this fantastic ingredient.

To me, baking soda is an epiphany. It’s actually about rethinking what, how, and why we do things. For example, for a lot of people, if your stove is dirty, you’ll use your commercially bought stove cleaner and clean the stove. Why? Because that’s what your parents did or that’s what advertisements and society lead you to believe you need. You don’t really think about it and just use the product, because ”everyone” does it. But you could also make a paste from baking soda and a bit of water and it would create a great scrub. A frugal, non-destructive, and environmentally-friendly solution I might add!

If this was not something you grew up with, it’s something you’d have had to learn. Something you could have taken the time to think about: there are always other possibilities. If you can use it to clean your stove, what else can you do with baking soda? Do I really need all those cleaning products? This big house? The stress? Two cars? Warming up the car for 15 min? All my gadgets? Buying everything from the store? Bragging about my lack of sleep? Using strong antiperspirants? Buying new and tossing old? Being okay with having debts? Following trends?Lighting the porch when no-one is expected? Why have I always followed blindly what others did without questioning or even thinking about it? You get the idea. Baking soda is an alternative. Instead of ”going with the flow”, I want to reflect on what I’ve been doing and thinking while on autopilot. I want to know why and fully comprehend what I’m doing from now on.

And when in doubt, just put baking soda on it!