Hi Society!

Have you ever heard about this glassbulous company? My pun might not be as great as theirs but hopefully you were still able to put 2 and 2 together. Strawesome is an American company that makes glass straws. They are lifetime guaranteed, toxic free, dishwasher safe, designed and handmade in the States and kid friendly. Super cool! I had a $15 off coupon so I ordered two straws for extremely cheap. I got a tall skinny one for my water cup and a smoothie one (shorter and larger) and received them last week; they’re amazing! You can also order cleaning brushes and cases to carry your straw with you. Worried that you might mix up your straw with someone else as cool as you because they also have a glass straw? Strawesome got you covered. They have artsy straws and personalized straws too. They even have bubble-tea straws! Short, long, skinny, regular, large, straight, bent… They thought about everything!!

At roughly $8 a piece (for generic ones), lifetime guaranteed glass straws are definately a good purchase if you usually prefer drinking from straws at home and/or when you’re out and about. They are safer and could help reducing waste, that is, if you currently use plastic or paper straws. Otherwise, it’d just be another ”thing” you now own that required resources to be created. Think about it 🙂