I’d love to own a tiny house on day.

Lots of people imagine a 100 sq.ft. box when they hear about the term ”tiny house”, but not me. To me, it’s not about the size but more about the functionality of the space you live in (and yes, the carbon footprint). We currently live in a 740 sq.ft. bungalow and it’s unfortunately cramped because of the terrible design. So much wasted space! I bet we would be happier in a 500 sq.ft. house built to maximize space. My husband hasn’t warmed-up to the tiny house idea yet, but I’m determined to show him that he could like it!

Until that day comes, I’m focusing on housing problem #2: clutter. When I look at what we own, it’s hard to find a space for everything (which I read is what you should aim to do in order to properly declutter). This post is not about telling you how to live clutter-free as I haven’t yet mastered this principle.

Clutter can mess with your emotional health (yes, pun intended!). As George Lucas wrote in Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Declutter and Organize Every Facet of Your Life, “Living a cluttered life will fill your life with more stress than you can deal with and this often usher in depression.” No need to go there! Reading the beginning of this book made me think about my mental clutter. Getting rid of useless thoughts and stress is something I can act on!

Have you ever heard of a Brain-Dump? Google it if it inspires you! I can’t remember how I came across the idea but I thought it was exactly what I needed. I read an how-to guide but haven’t done the exercise yet; just thinking about the possibility is, I find, already therapeutic. This will be one of the steps of my decluttering journey! Another step, which I’m currently working on, is electronic clutter, aka, my emails. I had over 14,000 emails in my inbox when I started and I got rid of 71% of them. Yay me! It feels liberating.

Happy baby steps to more meaningful living everyone!