Hi Society!

Last night I went to our local farmers’ market and I found a block of beeswax. I was so excited that I bought it (a whooping $3). I had a vague idea of what I could do with it but I was sure it would be great 🙂 It’s such a versatile product! Here’s a non-comprehensive list of things you can do with beeswax:

  • skin care products: moisturizer, lip balm, soap, hair pomade
  • tool care
  • leather care: shoe polishing, furniture restoring
  • waterproofing: fabric, shoes, outdoor furniture, matches
  • wooden care: furniture polish, restoring kitchenware (spoons, cutting boards)
  • sinking construction nails
  • ”greasing” furniture (aka stuck drawers)
  • candles!!!
  • fire starters
  • coating cheese
  • chewing gum
  • strengthening threads: sewing, shoe laces, cordage
  • making a bow?
  • seal stuff…

Oftentimes it has to bee be combined with other ingredients. This video is gives you a cool overview of some uses! Happy Friday 🙂