Have you ever heard of Ecosia? Until about 5 min ago I hadn’t either. As Diane from Big Green Purse puts it: ”Ecosia is a new search engine that donates its ad revenue to plant trees. It’s a simple as that.” The article talks about the what, why, how, cost (free!), and statistics. The how is so simple, even dinosaurs like me can figure it out (I may be only 26 years-old but I still struggle with adding friends and whatnot on social medias). Here’s Diane’s how:


Install it on any browser you use, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera.

It takes literally seconds to install, costs nothing, and is just about the easiest tech upgrade/update/add on I have ever done. Ever.

And once it’s installed, you don’t even notice it. You just use it.”

I just did it and it surely is as easy as explained! Right after adding Ecosia I googled ecosiaed it. Very cool 🙂

You can access the rest of Diane’s article here. Spread and research the wisdom!