Hi Society!

I used to do yoga the conventional way: using a mat, on a floor; sometimes at home, most of the time in a class. I loved the idea of being a yoga-at-home-alone-preferably-in-the-morning-to-start-my-day-right-because-I’m-a-motivated-gal kind of person! But the sad truth is I wasn’t that person. I then decided to join a class. It was working. For a while. Until other commitments (and probably poor judgement on my part) made me no longer able to attend the class. I reminisced about the class for a while; missing its structure, the no decision-making freedom, and my flexibility… It suddenly dawned on me that I could try at home again. But instead of pulling my mat out – which was somehow an inconvenience – or even motioning towards the already laid-out mat – which I was apparently too busy for – I’d simply do it in bed!

Doing yoga in bed freed me from excuses. As a matter of fact, I found myself religiously going to bed every single night. Enough sassiness already! I easily carved out 5-10 min off my bedtime routine to do some stretching poses like child pose, cow and cat poses, downward dog, chaturanga, cobra, three-legged downward dog, pigeon pose, supine spinal twist (I love hearing my back crack and the following liberating feeling), whatever else I felt was right, and finishing up with corpse pose. Nowadays, this relaxes me so much that I can barely read more than a page or two from my book before falling sound asleep.

For anyone suffering from insomnia, yoga could be helpful. Last night, without knowing their benefits, I included seated forward bend, the plow, and a shoulder stand. Turns out all three are recommended in these 7 yoga poses for insomnia. What feels right usually is right for you 🙂

Happy yoga!