Hi Society!

Last night, out of the blue (at least for me as I previously checked the weather and there were no advisories), we got a huge storm. There was lots of rain, thunder, lightning and… hail. The golf ball size kind. I wanted to take pictures of the storm but Shiloh, my dog, was shaking uncontrollably so I stayed with her to comfort her. Dog trainers will say I need to teach her not to be scared and reward her good behavior but I’m not there yet. I also still hug my pet. Judging by her waging tail she seems to appreciate the love too. Oops, I’m kind of side-tracking here. Where was I? Right, the storm. My friend Jenny watched it and said it looked like a mini-tornado. Wahh!

Mini-Tornado Damage
Mini-Tornado Damage

Part of the life skills I’m currently learning is gardening. Like I mentioned, I wasn’t prepared for a storm so here’s what I found in the backyard this morning:

hit tomato

crushed pepper

hit peppers

poor pumpkin

sad eggplant

total hit harvest

I could be devastated but I’m not. I’m gaining gardening experience after all and I much rather have this happen to me now, before I get my micro farm and mostly rely on what I grow. I will definately research how to best protect a garden against storms for next time, though! My newbie self thinks a raised tarp covering the garden should do the trick. I’ll let you know what I learn. The other reason I’m not really upset is that I still have those healthy babies growing:


good tomatoes

good pumpkin

In the meantime, we’re going to eat roasted green tomatoes with supper tonight. I might look into green relish recipes too. I’m also excited about tasting the green peppers that were hit. This is providing me with a great excuse! To everyone in the same boat: don’t get discouraged! This is life afterall 🙂