Hi Society!

In the Saving Some Green section of this blog I share tips on how to save the environment while saving money. In this article, I’m going a step further and I’m talking about multiplying this green. That’s right, I’m talking about gardening from food scraps! On Pinterest you can find many different projects to undertake. Here are the ones I have worked on, so far:

  • Green Scallions. When I buy organic green scallions, I put them in a glass of water and leave them on the counter. The first couple days they seem to wilt but then they regain their strength and keep growing. I harvest the green part as needed and am always amazed at how long they last and how much food I get back! I recommend to change the water often as you’ll get surprises… yes, I’m talking about mold here.
  • Leeks. I buy leeks that still have roots on and then put the cut bottoms (I keep an inch) in water to grow the roots a bit more. When the leeks starts to grow new shoots, I plant them in my garden. They don’t grow back as big as they first were but they are very tasty.
  • Avocado. This is mainly just for fun at this point. I kept the pit of a ripe avocado and wrapped it him a moist paper towel, which I then put in a plastic bag and placed in a drawer. After a month or so I took it out and was pleased to see both roots and a shoot. It’s currently in a glass of water to grow a bit more. I’ll soon plant it and keep it inside. I don’t expect to get fruits. At least not in the near future. However, I get a free indoor plant in the process! Green makes me happy 🙂
  • Celery. I bought organic celery this winter and kept the bottom 2 inches and placed it in a glass of water. It created roots and shoots. I then potted it and the celery started to grow back. I mainly got leaves but I wasn’t disappointed as they make a great addition to soups, stocks, and salads. I have also substituted them for parsley in some recipes as they taste similar.
  • Garlic. My garlic often sprouts. As an experiment I decided to plant four cloves that had a strong shoot. Two of them never came out of the ground but the other two did. I harvested them yesterday. However, I didn’t get any new cloves. The stems and bulbs tasted just like wild garlic though so they still got used in the kitchen. So far this was the least successful experiment but it was still fun to try. I’ll order an organic heirloom variety from a reputable seed company and try my luck with that next time! No hard feelings.
  • Ginger. Although I don’t expect much from this experiment, I’m about to plant a piece of ginger that has sprouted. I’ll let you know if I get anything.
  • Onion. I have a cut red onion which I just put in water (just the bottom) as I noticed the middle was starting to grow a shoot. Let’s see what I get. I have not researched this last one. Just my curious inner-child making me try things.

Do you have any success stories?