I spent last night with Sean Penn.

Wouldn’t that be cool? Okay… I spent last night watching The Human Experiment, narrated and produced by Sean Penn. Have you seen this very interesting documentary? Check it out. It’s currently on Netflix.

I was already aware that we were surrounded by toxic chemicals. However, it hadn’t occured to me until last night that some chemicals banned in certain products, due to toxicity findings, had been replaced by other toxic chemicals. I’m talking about the BPA-Free case right now.

At the grocery store, I usually steer clear of Fat-Free products simply because a quick read through the ingredients list tells me the fat content has been replaced by… sugar. Being from Québec, I guess I prefer real fat (read cheese). My mom always told me that everything is good in moderation, including moderation 😉

Anyways, my point is that consumers can read content labels of products claiming to be Fat-Free, for instance, and decide for themselves if they are okay with the modified formula of the product. Unfortunately, we don’t have access to this information when it comes to packaging. The good we think we’re doing by buying a BPA-Free product turns out to be a big fat lie.

We can cry about it but it won’t really change anything. We can, however, aim at making more conscious purchases or even better, change the way we do things. I started canning this summer. I feel really good about avoiding the BPA that can be found in some industrial can linings. I also know exactly what is in my can (pure heaven), I save money, and I feel a little more self-sufficient!