potatoes from a bag

Earlier in Spring my friend gave me extra potato seedlings. Having never planted potatoes before (this is only my second year growing a garden), I researched what to do on Pinterest. Apparently there are quite a few possibilities when it comes to planting potatoes! I chose to grow them in bags, using a bit of the soil that was originally in the said bag and the rest from the pile of dirt I’m growing beside my shed. I planted 4 seedlings per bag as an experiment. At first, I did as suggested: keep adding soil to cover everything but a few inches of the plant to maximize your yield. I ended up stopping this for one simple reason: my bags weren’t as tall as they should have been. So I let the plants grow!

potatoes in bags

At one point, my plants wanted to start flowering but I kept nipping that idea in the bud as I was told the potatoes would no longer be edible if the plant flowered. My Alberta Vegetable Gardening Guide didn’t seem to think the same so I let that go too (no flowers ended up growing afterwords though). I read that the potatoes can be harvested as soon as the flowers come out or when the plant start to yellow and die. I was too curious to wait so I dug up one of the bags today! Some potatoes are of a nice size but some are minuscule; I expected that hehe! Those little ones are soooo cute.

I understand the concept of growing potatoes – place seedling in soil, water, harvest potatoes at the end of summer – but it still felt like a magical surprise! I’m fascinated by root vegetables for this reason 🙂

What fascinates you?